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Read and Search the Islamic Supplications/Dua on the mobile phone in Arabic and English. It has 99 Prophet's Muhammad (pbuh) Prayers/Supplications/Dua. Supplication (Du'a) is truly the essence of sincere worship. It connects us with our Creator, and it is a practical expression of our persisting need for Almighty Allah (SWT) in all our affairs. Alway keep Prophet Muhammad Prayers Dua Software in your Mobile Phone.   The software has the following 99 Supplications/Dua:    1. Morning & Evening  2. Sleeping Difficulty  3. Bad/Good Dream  4. On awakening  5. Enter Toilet  6. Exit Toilet  7. Wudu Beginning  8. During Wudu  9. Wudu Completion  10. Fajr prayer  11. Enter Masjid  12. After praying in Masjid  13. Athan Hearing  14. Muazzin Hearing  15. Witr prayer  16. Forenoon prayer  17. After Fajr & Maghrib  18. Entering ones home  19. Leaving House  20. Market Entry  21. Buying/Selling  22. Before Meals  23. After Meals  24. Lifting Table Cloth  25. Drinking milk  26. Meal time at someone  27. Leaving host's residence  28. Drinking water  29. Drinking Zam Zam  30. Breaking Fast  31. After Iftaar  32. Iftaar at someone's place  33. When Dressing  34. Wearing new clothes  35. Seeing a Muslim in new clothes  36. Looking in mirror  37. Bride Arrival  38. New Animal Arival  39. Congratulating Bridegroom  40. Intention to be with wife  41. Upon emission of sperm  42. Child begins to talk  43. Sighting New moon  44. Duas concering journeys  45. Someone's in difficulty  46. Seeing a muslim laughing  47. Fearing the enemy  48. Enemy surrounds  49. Before rising from a gathering  50. When you're in difficulty  51. Wealth Progression  52. Dua for Night of Power  53. Loving someone/when one helps  54. When one sees things one loves  55. Emotion fills the heart  56. Something is lost  57. When one talks too fast  58. Eating new fruit of the season  59. At time of anger  60. Hearing a donkey or a dog  61. Dua for rain  62. When one sees heavy clouds  63. At the time of rain  64. Rain exceeding the limits  65. At the time of thunder  66. At the time of heavy wind  67. Talbiya of Hajj  68. Dua read at Arafat  69. When making Tawaaf  70. When making Qurbani  71. When meeting another Muslim  72. Returning Salaam  73. Sneezing  74. Hearing someone sneeze  75. Upon thought of a bad omen  76. Dua to pay off debts  77. Dua after salaat of need  78. Istikhara  79. Visiting the sick  80. For any calamity  81. The cure of any illness  82. To soothe ill children  83. Dua when one is ill  84. When death is eminent  85. When soul leaving the body  86. When soul has left the body  87. Going to deceased's house  88. When someone's child dies  89. When burrying the dead  90. When entering the cemetery  91. When consoling someone  92. At the time of fire  93. When animal becomes sick  94. For pain of the eye  95. For kidney/uninary problems  96. When fever/pain increases  97. Dua on a burn injury  98. When down/depressed  99. Istikhara for marriage

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