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Food Guide is a useful and informative application for the Muslims especially those living in the Western countries and USA. The application contains up to date information about Halal and Haram food products and companies manufacturing them. All the foods are divided into the following categories: • Bakery • Food Products • Beverages • Seasoning • Ingredients • Cheese • Crackers • Dairy • Nutrition • Cosmetics • Others These categories contain the name of different companies and their products. Against each item name, a specific symbol is given that indicates whether that particular food is Halal or Haram as per Islamic instructions. These symbols are: • Green icon indicating the item is Halal • Red icon indicating the item is Haram • Question sing indicating the item is doubtful • Alert sign indicating the item is Halal or Haram under certain conditions Never ever miss the latest version of this helpful application as they will contain much more data and new features. App Instructions: Categories page appears after the splash screen.  • Tap on each category to view the company-wise items list. Tap on each item to see whether it’s Halal or Haram. • On category page, tap on the icon on top left corner to view the icons types used in the application. • On category page, tap on the icon on top right corner to search any food item  • Tap on the About Us icon from bottom bar to view the application version and company information. • Tap on the Disclaimer icon from bottom bar to view the disclaimer information. • Tap on the More Apps icon from bottom bar to view the other applications developed by us. • Tap on the Share icon from bottom bar to select the medium to share the application with your friends or relatives. Halal food products to know its detail about halal or haram.

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